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Non-insured care

Equipment: 50

Non-insured care

In addition to insured care, we also offer non-insured care and services. You can contact us for relationship therapy, sleep disorder, support for burnout complaints and various options for coaching and guidance. We use a rate of 80 euros per session for this.

  • Burnout (prevention)
  • Relationship coaching
  • Labor coaching
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Grief and loss coping
  • Independent (neuro) psychological diagnostics

At your first appointment, it is advisable to bring someone along for further diagnostic information as well as to record the information that is provided to you. It is possible, in consultation with your practitioner, to have your loved ones participate in your appointments in the meantime and at the end.

More information or would you like to make an appointment?

Feel free to contact us by phone, email or fill in the contact form on the contact page.


Weena Zuid 130, 4e verdieping
(kamers 410-430)
3012 NC Rotterdam

+316 2818 3284
+3110 333 1901



MiSi Neuropsy 

Weena Zuid 130, 4e verdieping.
(kamers 410-430)
3012 NC Rotterdam

Iedere dag 08:00-20:00, behalve zondag.

+316 2818 3284 (Voor zorginhoudelijke vragen, 24/7 bereikbaar)
+3110 333 1901

info@misineuropsy.nl (algemeen)
zorg@misineuropsy.nl (aanmelden/zorgvragen)

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