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We would like to hear how you experienced our core promise of providing the best possible care. Another core promise is that we put you and your environment central during the care process. We measure how well we deliver our care by means of your answers to satisfaction questions.

This data is analyzed and discussed within the team every month. Where necessary, we make adjustments to come closer to your wishes. Continuously measuring the quality of our care provision is extremely important to us. Our aim is to achieve a 100% score every time; to organize and deliver 100% care according to your wishes.

Rate Misi Neuropsy

Health care card report mark

Below our average report figure per year via Zorgkaart Nederland.

2018 - 9.6
2019 - 9.7
2020 - 9.6

Click here for more information about Zorgkaart Nederland and the valuations.

CQ index

MiSi NeuroPsy considers it important to request a number of concrete factors with regard to the treatment from the care provider immediately after treatment; Consumer quality index Outpatient care (CQ). The CQ index has been developed to inventory experiences with outpatient mental health care.

By the following scales we mean the following:

  • Treatment; how we dealt with you.
  • Deciding together; how much space did you have to think along and decide.
  • Implementation of treatment; your concern has been carried out to your satisfaction.
  • Report grade; what rating do you give to the care provided.

Treatment (score on scale 1 - 5)
2018 - 4.95
2019 - 4.75
2020 - 4,78

Deciding together (score on scale 1 - 5)
2018 - 4.11
2019 - 4.00
2020 - 4,10

Implementation of treatment (score on scale 1 - 5)
2018 - 4.63
2019 - 4.28
2020 - 4,36

Report grade (score on scale 0-10)
2018 - 8.93
2019 - 8.34
2020 - 8,41

Complaints procedure

The complaints procedure has been documented and established for the year 2018/2019 in accordance with the requirements of the Healthcare Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (Wkkgz). Patients / clients have the opportunity to express and submit their dissatisfaction / complaints. Patients / clients can of course express their dissatisfaction with the practitioner or directing practitioner. In this way, it is easy to mediate and find a solution (possibly with the mediation of the management).

MiSi NeuroPsy is also affiliated with the Healthcare Complaints Desk, which ensures proper, fast and accessible handling of complaints and disputes. The Healthcare Complaints Desk provides MiSi NeuroPsy with advice on handling complaints and facilitates an independent complaints officer. MiSi NeuroPsy is also affiliated with an independent complaints committee: The Healthcare Disputes Committee.


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