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Equipment: 50


MiSi NeuroPsy provides care within the BGGZ / SGGZ (18+) in the center of Rotterdam (walking distance from central station). We offer insured care for the following diagnosis groups:

  • Mood Disorders (Depression / Anxiety)
  • Personality
  • Somatoform
  • Dissociative
  • Neurocognitive
  • Developmental Disorders (Autism / ADHD)

Exclusion: Bipolar pictures, manifest psychotic disorders, active suicidality and / or self-harm and serious neuropsychiatric pictures. Feel free to call 06-8143 7178 if in doubt about a particular referral.

If desired, we also offer treatment where the patient is central. Attention is paid to the diversity in the background of the patient (linguistic, psychosocial and cultural background).

Health insurers

In 2021 we will work together with the following health insurers:

  • VGZ (including Univé, ZEKUR, IZZ, IZA)
  • DSW (including DSW and Stad Holland)
  • Menzis (Menzis and Anderzorg fall under this)
  • DSW RMA (formerly Arts & Care)
  • Achmea (also including Zilveren Kruis, FBTO, Avero Achmea, Interpolis)

We do not have a contract with CZ in 2021. We therefore do not provide any care to CZ insured.

Patients do not have to make a personal contribution for care provided. NB: Patients must take into account the deductible (€ 385.00 in 2021).

A valid referral is required for insured care. We prefer to receive referrals through care domain.
The referral letter must contain the following information:

1. Date of referral
2. Referrer information: Name, position, address, AGB code and signature.
3. Patient data: Name, address, date of birth, BSN (or registration number).
4. Reason for referral: Suspicion of a DSM-5 named disorder.
5. Reference is made to the General Basic / Specialist GGZ.

Weena Zuid 130, 4e verdieping
(kamers 410-430)
3012 NC Rotterdam

+316 2818 3284
+3110 333 1901



MiSi Neuropsy 

Weena Zuid 130, 4e verdieping.
(kamers 410-430)
3012 NC Rotterdam

Iedere dag 08:00-20:00, behalve zondag.

+316 2818 3284 (Voor zorginhoudelijke vragen, 24/7 bereikbaar)
+3110 333 1901

info@misineuropsy.nl (algemeen)
zorg@misineuropsy.nl (aanmelden/zorgvragen)

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