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Our mission

Over MiSi NeuroPsy

MiSi Neuropsy is characterized by the immediate delivery of high-quality care. This is reflected in the very short waiting list, where a team with the best practitioners and researchers is immediately ready for you.

For example, at MiSi NeuroPsy (in the background) doctors, professors (Erasmus University) and strategic advisors (Nyenrode University) are involved in helping to do better justice to the promise of MiSi NeuroPsy. Those who preceded you leave scores of around 9!

Our mission

Providing accessible, high-quality care (diagnostics and treatment) in which the patient is central, and with an eye for the diversity in the patient's background (linguistic, psychosocial and cultural background). Our mission for your care because everyone deserves the best care and attention.

  • Accessible and direct access to mental health care
  • High-quality (neuro) psychological diagnostics and treatment of multiple psychological problems
  • Care for youth, adolescents, adults and the elderly
  • Short-term care where possible and long-term care where necessary
  • The right quality and frequency quickly determined
  • Always paying attention to social and societal recovery
  • Working on agreements to prevent relapses
  • Warm handshake transfers to partners in the region when we refer you

You can download our brochure via the button below.

Download the brochure here

Recognized institution

MiSi Neuropsy is recognized as an institution in the register 'General Data Management Healthcare Providers' (AGB: 22227546). In this way we are recognizable to all Dutch health insurers as an institution for mental health care. MiSi NeuroPsy is also legally recognized as permitted under the Healthcare Institutions Permission Act (WTZI).

Quality management system

The quality system used by MiSi NeuroPsy and its application meet the standard requirements of the HKZ Small Organizations certification scheme, version 2010 for the scope: Psychological and psychiatric assistance and the provision of care and services in the field of mental health care. For more information about the quality management system, click here.

Quality mark Basic GGZ 2020

As of January 1, 2020, MiSi NeuroPsy carries the Basic GGZ Quality Mark. MiSi NeuroPsy shows that they consider quality to be of paramount importance and with this quality mark they are a forerunner in Basic GGZ. MiSi NeuroPsy intends to maintain this quality mark by constantly setting high standards for the quality of care and taking that quality one step further.

Quality statute

As of August 2017, MiSi NeuroPsy has an approved quality status in accordance with the applicable standard (download for inspection).

Download the Misi NeuroPsy quality statute

The quality statute provides information about how a treatment is structured, which care is provided, the steps (phases) from registration to completion, which you can influence yourself and which determines together with you what the diagnosis and treatment will look like (together decide). You can also read which partners we work with and how your loved ones can be involved.

Download the reporting code Misi NeuroPsy

The reporting code describes how MiSi NeuroPsy deals with reporting domestic violence, child abuse, sexual violence, honor-related violence, stalking and elder abuse.

Download information and terms and conditions MiSi NeuroPsy

Download information and terms and conditions Misi NeuroPsy

These general terms and conditions have been established in consultation between the consumer association, the Netherlands Patient Federation and the Landelijk Platform GGz and apply to the treatment agreement concluded between the patient and the healthcare institution.

Download the Misi NeuroPsy Privacy Policy

This document describes how MiSi NeuroPsy handles your privacy. Privacy mainly means that your data is treated confidentially and that a leak (eg data leak) is prevented.

Download general terms and conditions of delivery and mental health care

This document explains the procedure for MiSi NeuroPsy, it concerns information on the following subjects:

  • Method within MiSi NeuroPsy (intake phase, treatment plan, evaluation and involvement of social environment such as family, relatives or other practitioners)
  • Reimbursed care and deductible
  • Appointment cannot take place
  • Access to your file privacy legislation and information security
  • Complaints procedure
  • What to do in case of crisis


Do you have questions about MiSi NeuroPsy or would you like to make an appointment? Fill in our contact form or reach us by phone or email.



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MiSi Neuropsy 

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